Platform Issues

As Mayor, Councilwoman Ancona will focus on delivering progress for our City.

Increase City Transparency, Accountability and Access with its Residents:

  • Accessible and welcoming city council and commission meetings
  • Increased contract and revenue transparency
  • Real-time data and posting of City actions online
  • Improved personalized services and communication to enhance resident interaction

Fiscally Responsible City Management:

  • Delivering a budget that is balanced and rooted in community values
  • Building an economy that includes a path for ALL residents
  • Continue to capitalize on our resources by creating city & school Joint Use Committee
  • Creating a path to prosperity by closing the digital divide for all families

Safe, Healthy, and Greener City:

  • Protecting, improving, and creating more parks and green space
  • Increasing access to clean and safe affordable housing
  • Tackling the homeless epidemic with thoughtful and creative strategies
  • Continued COVID-19 testing and resources for families

Bringing El Monte Together

During these unprecedented times, our City of El Monte needs a leader that can bring us together, not fuel the divisiveness that permeates our country right now. I am that leader. I have the track record of collaboration and bridge building and most importantly advocating for our families. As a woman of color we are constantly trying to break through multiple societal barriers, our local government should not be one of them.   
-Jessica Ancona